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5 reasons why waxing is better than shaving

Waxing is a temporary form of hair removal and is needed approximately every 4-6 weeks, depending on the individual hair growth. Wax is heated and applied to the skin, wax grips the hairs and they are pulled out completely, leaving the skin smooth and soft. I’ll discuss the reasons why waxing is better than shaving below.

Shaving hair using a razor can take surface hair off the body, however it can also take skin with it at the same time – ouch! So this would be a very good reason why waxing is better than shaving.

Would you like no shaving rashes and no rough hair growth coming through the skin? Does that sound good? The results with waxing are brilliant, so satisfying and better than shaving.

Here are 5 reasons why waxing is better than shaving, so throw away the shavers now!

1. Smoother skin – When you have your legs waxed, the wax pulls the hair out by the root. If you shave you are just taking the superficial hair from the surface. You will be happy to know that waxing can keep your skin smooth for up to two weeks unlike shaving that leaves your legs spiky to touch.

2. Gets rid of dead skin – When you have a waxing treatment you will find the waxing
procedure will exfoliate your skin. Waxing takes off the dead skin cells leaving your skin soft and smooth.

3. Less likely to have ingrown hairs – When you use a razor to cut the hair off at skin level or just below it, the end of the hair is blunt and can become trapped under the skin. It can begin growing sideways or in circles. Ingrown hairs often casues painful infections. Problems are more likely to occur in certain areas, for example the bikini area. Waxing however, removes the entire hair shaft, right down to the root. The new hair is thinner and tapered at the end, which means it is less likely to get trapped under the skin.

4. Hair grows back thinner – A big advantage of waxing is that hair comes back thinner and lighter than it does with shaving. If you continue with waxing for long enough, you will eventually have barely noticeable hair in areas that have been waxed. Using a razor can give the appearance of thicker hair, due to the blunt ends of the hair.

5. Waxing lasts longer – Since wax pulls the hair out by the root, it takes much longer for it to grow back. Even if you usually have to shave every day to keep growth down, waxing will give you up to two weeks of bare skin. This is also better for your skin, since it can become very irritated when you shave on a daily basis.

“The first wax, if you have always shaved, is definitely the hardest. The hairs have been very happy under the skin for a long time so the hair root is deep rooted”

Jane Vickers, Tutor, Bristol Beauty School.

The waxing courses at Bristol Beauty School are very popular, because in most salons you will find that waxing treatments are the still the most frequently requested treatment. This tells us that our clients also think waxing is better than shaving!

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