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How to run a successful beauty business

At Bristol Beauty School, we see many students every year that want to set up a beauty business. Beauty businesses come in all shapes and sizes and can include working from home, on a mobile basis or setting up a salon. Some of Bristol Beauty School’s course students are busy mums who need to earn an income and work in a flexible way, so this career is perfect.

We love to support the people we train to achieve successful careers and businesses. Recently we have had several ladies that have amazing success stories and we are massively proud.


“We pride ourselves on giving personalised support and advice on your beauty business from highly experienced tutors.”


Here are 5 tips for setting up your beauty business

1. Have great knowledge and beauty training. This is the first stepping stone. If you don’t have a professional training course behind you your clients will soon realise by the standard of treatments received and they will not return for further treatments. During your training, you should be told about having the appropriate insurance which is essential.

2. Learn the most current and popular treatments such as fashion and bridal makeup, eyelash and brow treatments, Eyelash Extensions, waxing and facials.

3. Sell beauty products. During our Facials course, we offer our students at Bristol Beauty School the opportunity to use brands that can earn them extra income. We enable them to offer parties and lessons and sell the high-quality products to clients.

4. Establish a good client base. How do you get your clients? Bristol Beauty School tutors Jane, Tracey and Jo have many years of experience in all areas of beauty and we give tips from our own experiences which will help you to achieve a good client base.

5. Love what you do. Clients will know if you don’t and you won’t get any repeat business. Be positive and patient. Businesses don’t happen without hard work, support and investment. However, you do not need to spend a fortune to set up and we can help you with this on on the Bristol Beauty School training courses.