Airbrush Makeup Vs normal Makeup

Airbrush makeup VS normal Makeup application

Have you wondered what all the fuss is about with Airbrush Makeup? Read this for the benefits and cons.  

We are often approached by a bride-to-be wondering what the benefits are concerning Airbrush

makeup, and how this type of application is better than the normal way of applying makeup. Of

course, all Brides hope and want to achieve a perfect or flawless makeup look on their special day,

and implementing the airbrush technique may in fact be the right application for them. However,

something to note is that, of course, different types of make-up application have different benefits

and not all techniques suit one individual’s skin type.

There are a few things to consider…

1. What will last longer – Airbrush or Normal?

Generally, a lot of the makeup produced today is of a very high standard and will have great

longevity if applied in the best way. Airbrush makeup does have a long-lasting effect, as it has a

water-resistant base and will stick through most of the days events. However, the same effect can

be achieved with normal application when applied with a few key tips. Here at Bristol Beauty

School, we believe it is really important to begin with a good primer to ensure the skin is

prepped. Two other must-haves are a high quality powder and a good setting to spray to finish

the look and keep it in place. One of our favourite sprays is the Urban Decay Finishing Spray.

2. What is the difference in price?

Airbrush Makeup is usually the more expensive option for a Bride. Of course, this choice

completely depends on budget, and whether this is a priority for the Bride in question. It can be a

great way to ensure a makeup look that sits tight all day, however it might not be the most cost

effective option for you and your day. Airbrush makeup is great in all weather – hot or cold, rain

or shine, and your final look will consist of less makeup overall. The same can be said, however,

for normal makeup when there has been a focus on preparation and some key finishing touches.

3. Preparation of skin before a special occasion.

When focusing on and aiming for a flawless makeup look, preparation of the skin is one of the

most important factors. As mentioned before, different application types suit different types of

skin. If your skin tends to be consistently dry and dehydrated, we would not recommend

Airbrush makeup. The formula is less hydrating and creamy than a regular foundation as it has a

water-resistant base. If you suffer with dry or dehydrated skin, and have your heart set on

Airbrush Makeup for your big day, make sure to seek some skincare advice with a professional

beforehand to assess whether it can still be an option for you. However, if you have normal to oily

skin, Airbrush makeup is a great choice that will keep your skin looking plump and hydrated, as

well as radiant and flawless – without the shine. If you have the allowance in your budget, this is a

great choice that will ensure those perfect wedding pics!

Benefits of Airbrush Makeup

Globally, Airbrush makeup is massively popular for brides due to its staying power and



1. Great, flawless finish

2. Long-lasting

3. Can be easily layered for more coverage

4. You get what you pay for


1. Can be flaky and move on drier skin types

2. Generally more expensive

3. Less choice in shade range


As with many types of makeup, the overall end product is about what you pay for and the way it

is applied. For a Bride’s special day, we would recommend the use of Airbrush Makeup – so long

as the skin type is suited – as, if you have a little more room in the budget, it is a great way to

ensure a long-lasting and reliable makeup look without the usual stresses of tear-stained cheeks

and worn-off lip colour. There are huge benefits to Airbrush Makeup, and it is always great to

see a new and successful technique out there being used – but remember, a brilliant look with normal makeup can be just as successful for your big day.

Our Airbrush and Fashion & Bridal  Makeup Training Courses are designed for total beginners. Full on Glam and Pro Creative courses are for advanced learners that are either Makeup Artists or qualified Beauty Therapists, view our Makeup Courses here

Fashion and bridal makeup course at Bristol Beauty School

How to choose the best makeup course

Choosing the best makeup course that offers professional training, allowing you to take your first steps to becoming a makeup artist, can be tricky.

Look for makeup tutors with years of experience in the makeup industry.

As well as being highly skilled make up artists they will share and show all the tricks in the trade.

Look for a makeup tutor who is passionate about what they do.

If you have a good teacher that loves what they do and is still excited about their work, you will learn more and feel inspired.

High makeup course prices does not always equal the best makeup course quality.

Have you seen flashy websites with high prices that lead you to feeling that you should be taking a makeup course that is out of your budget?

Remember to ask beauty training companies these three questions:

  1. How long have the tutors been in the industry?
  2. How long have they been teaching?
  3. Do they have teaching certificates and accreditation for courses?

This will enable you to see if you are spending your money wisely.

At Bristol Beauty School, we offer you the chance to speak with your tutors before the makeup course to ask them anything you want before choosing the best makeup course for you. We believe you must be comfortable and feel that you have support whenever you need it while taking your training. We are here to help and we love doing that.

Our specialist areas at Bristol Beauty School are; Fashion and Bridal Makeup, Full On Glam, Airbrush Makeup and Pro Creative Makeup training.

The school is well established and tutors have been in the makeup industry over 20 years.

Jo Peters is the main tutor for our makeup courses. Jo is passionate and borderline obsessive about makeup!

She has 20 year’s experience in the industry and is qualified in fashion and theatrical makeup. Baby bump painting is her speciality. Jo has a wealth of experience and finds it a massive joy to show her skills to others. You must read Bristol Beauty School Facebook reviews to see how much positive and outstanding reviews we get after Jo Peter’s courses.

We love what we do and we love to help you gain skills for life.

In summary, the main things to think about when choosing the best makeup course for you;

  • Tutor experience in the industry
  • Good teaching skills and a history of tutoring
  • Accreditations, certificates that enable you to work professionally
  • Reviews and what people say
  • Well-established training school